Grand Canyon Education, Inc.

Grand Canyon Education, Inc. (GCE) is a publicly traded education services company dedicated to serving colleges and universities. GCE is uniquely positioned in the education services industry in that its leadership has more than 30 years of proven expertise in providing a full array of support services in the post-secondary education sector and has developed significant technological solutions, infrastructure and operational processes to provide superior service in these areas on a large scale.

GCE's full-service model includes support functions for the complete student lifecycle, including strategic enrollment management, academic counseling, financial services, Halo system support, technical support, student information system support, compliance, marketing, human resources, classroom operations, curriculum development, faculty recruitment and training, among others. GCE delivers online program management that serves a diverse student body across numerous colleges and programmatic areas, ultimately leading to organizational growth and student success.

The GCE Full-Service Model

GCE offers a full-service model different from any other educational service provider. We have a dedicated team of professionals who integrate into your university's culture and brand and are highly proficient in online program management.

The following departments make up our full-service model:

University Counselors

University Counselors (UCs) are dedicated to the enrollment, retention and graduation of qualified students. Based on your university's admissions requirements and transfer policies, UCs review academic transcripts and use a proven pre-evaluation process to ensure prospective students have a clear understanding of transferrable credits and remaining credits to complete their degree program.

UCs communicate to prospective students:

  • The university's classroom expectations
  • All program costs
  • All available financial resources
  • The entire cost to complete their degree program using our Net Price Calculator
  • The required technological skills and equipment necessary to be successful at online schooling
  • Licensure requirements, if applicable

Student Services Counselors

Student Services Counselors (SSCs) have a unique role that combines academic and financial counseling to comprehensively meet the goals of each individual student. SSCs serve as a single point of contact from the start of a student's program through graduation. SSCs work in a graduation team, which can include UCs and/or faculty members.

SSCs counsel and educate students on:

  • Acceptable academic progress
  • University policies
  • Available resources to ensure on-time graduation

Student Records Management

Student Records Management supports GCE counselors with all academic- and classroom-related requests. Prior to a student enrolling in a degree program, this department provides prospective students:

  • An unofficial pre-evaluation within 24 hours based on the university's transfer policies
  • A transparent degree plan
  • Application of transfer credits to a student's record, based on university acceptance decisions
  • Data entry of potential transfer credits for university evaluation
  • Classroom scheduling support based on program requirements determined by the university
  • An accurate time-to-completion date

After students have selected and applied to a degree program, Student Records management uses proprietary technology to capture the university's evaluation of institutional transfer credits and applies that to the student record.

Additionally, this department uses weekly evaluations to maintain optimal class size, and processes any status change requests or program changes a student may need during his/her time at the university.


Admissions collects all application documents, including transcripts, from prospective students and enters their information into the student information system (SIS) for partners to determine admissibility. On behalf of the university, GCE will request all official transcripts from prior institutions the student attended.

Financial Aid Operations

Financial Aid Operations is unique because it creates a fluid interaction between efficient operational functionality and student servicing. It is designed to shift a student's focus from how to pay for their education to academic excellence. OFA provides an end-to-end solution of Title IV, private loans and state grant processing.

Services offered to partner institutions include:

  • Verification and C code resolution
  • Federal aid awarding
  • Disbursement eligibility
  • Refund calculations
  • Reconciliation
  • Quality assurance
  • Training
  • Counselor support

Marketing and Communications

Marketing and Communications approach the marketplace with a holistic, unbiased outlook and applies the latest advancements in integrated marketing strategy, new and emerging technologies while leveraging GCE's buying power. This methodology embraces proven traditional and online solutions that are developed in conjunction with our partners. Our expertise includes the following macro categories:

Our subject matter experts utilize best-in-class technologies through marketing automation, integrated email, SMS text messaging and social media. We develop effective communication strategies that encompass the entire student lifecycle journey from prospect through alumni.

Our award-winning team of specialists have proven track records developing strong brands and ensuring the right image is exposed to the consumer. We specialize in storytelling shaped by logo creation, positioning taglines, campaign and content development, custom music and sonic branding.

Partnered with one of the most powerful media buying agencies in the world, we offer full-service media planning and strategies that are built to grow sophisticated brands through traditional and digital media platforms. We understand today's culture and how content is consumed in the everchanging world of media. We create robust strategies that build long-lasting connections with proven results.

Our robust team of in-house video experts specializes in high-quality content expanding across a wide variety of marketing channels. Capabilities include broadcast-quality commercials, explainer videos, mini- and full-length documentaries, original programming, animations, motion graphics and short, snackable video content for a variety of social media channels. We also enhance our internal team with preferred partners to help offset workload so that no size of project is too big or too small.

We employ a team of in-house data analysis professionals who apply descriptive and prescriptive analytics to help understand the marketplace and facilitate important business decisions. Our team specializes in all aspects of data analytics and science, including predictive modeling, data mining and visualization to enrich technology and data-driven marketplace, while providing the information required for success.

Our market research professionals survey market, population and job data for various locations across the country in order to make data-driven recommendations for new sites, partnerships and educational offerings. This maximizes reach and impact to provide education and career training to the areas where it will be most impactful.

Human Resources

Human Resources (HR) offers the following comprehensive services:

  • Preventing and resolving workplace issues
  • Consulting with business leaders and employees on performance management
  • Developing HR policies
  • Business unit restructures
  • Workforce planning and formal complaint investigation and response
  • Compensation consulting, including assistance in creating job descriptions, conducting market compensation, headcount and turnover analyses and managing salary administration plans
  • Support hiring decisions for personnel and assist employee recruitment processes, including sourcing, interviewing and on-boarding employees
  • Implementing an HR system technology with automated HR business processes

Learning and Development Training

The Learning and Development Training department supports university employees from the point of new hire orientation and onboarding through advanced training curriculum and compliance modules. These activities are available through face-to-face learnings, online learning modules and webinars. Additionally, staff and management development programs are offered on a regular basis to support the growth of the organization. A separate division of this department evaluates calls between staff and students or prospective students to ensure compliance with internal procedures.

Technology and Tech Support

GCE hosts and maintains a technology platform that serves as an online communication portal for university students, faculty, course coordinators, course assistants, interns and staff. The portal enables online applications, course delivery, communications, development and maintenance of student portfolios, placement services and more.

GCE provides students with online access to the portal, which includes electronic course materials, student information and contact management systems.

Technical support is offered to all students enrolled in partner institutions. In addition, an IT Help Desk supports employees with:

  • Staff desktop technology
  • Classroom technology
  • Point-of-sale (POS) terminal
  • Phone and cell service
  • Software applications
  • Campus networking
  • Licensing
  • Library integration
  • Data analytics and reporting
  • Cybersecurity services
  • And more

Faculty Operations

Faculty Operations helps recruit and schedule faculty based on qualifications and the university's needs. It administers faculty training and provides ongoing faculty development.

While our partner institutions determine the qualifications for each course, GCE finds qualified candidates who meet those requirements for institution approval. GCE provides partner institutions with accurate accrual of faculty payments, saving the institution time and money and leveraging GCE's scalable systems.

Business Operations

GCE offers its partners the ability to increase their reach to students not currently available to the institution. Our business solutions ensure that overall business needs are managed and monitored on behalf of partner institutions. Operational services provided include:

  • Accounting services such as payroll, accounts payable, student accounting, financial reporting and budgeting
  • Procurement services and costs savings to partner institutions by securing products and services, including travel services, office products and invoice management
  • Annual audit plans and assistance in performing internal auditing services

Curriculum Services

Our partner institutions are responsible for curriculum and all the educational content provided in course materials. GCE offers partner institutions technical and curriculum processes to ensure quality and timely delivery of courses based on student needs. GCE's Curriculum Services recommends content and techniques that use available technologies and methods embodied in the Halo system to meet the needs of students and faculty. Partner institution's faculty work with GCE to identify and license academic resources relevant to their programs and courses to ensure students have the learning materials needed to support their academic goals in the classroom.

Procurement Department

If you have questions about becoming a new supplier or would like to view our procurement policies visit our Doing Business with GCE page.

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