Doing Business with Grand Canyon Education, Inc.

The Procurement Department at Grand Canyon Education, Inc. supports partnerships with suppliers that meet our performance and compliance standards. We work to establish and refine innovative processes that will enable us to collaborate more effectively, improve service to our shared customers and contribute to our collective bottom-line business success.

Grand Canyon Education, Inc. requires a wide range of commodities, products and services from a breadth of high-quality suppliers to effectively support our day-to-day business operations. We maintain a centralized team of purchasing experts to manage these strategic procurement decisions across a number of broad categories, including:

The Procurement Department is a primary resource available to the supplier community on matters such as those relating to company processes and policies. We’ve gathered together our most essential and most requested resources to ensure that all our subcontractors, manufacturers, vendors and suppliers have easy access to our Supplier Code of Conduct, Terms & Conditions, Invoicing Requirements, New Supplier Introduction Form and various helpful links.

We want you to feel confident that you have all the information you need to satisfy any concerns. If there are any outstanding concerns, all of our support information is in one place to ensure your products and services are delivered with the quality and reliability that your customers and ours expect.

  1. Supplier Code of Conduct
  2. Supplier Terms and Conditions
  3. Supplier Gift Policy
  4. Supplier Invoicing Requirements
  5. Non-discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy
  6. Smoking and Tobacco Use Policy
  7. New Supplier Introduction Form
  8. New Supplier Request Form

We appreciate your interest in joining our team. For more information on how to do business with Grand Canyon Education, Inc. and the supplier expectations, please watch these videos below to learn critical information that will guide you toward success with Grand Canyon Education, Inc.

For anything not covered here, or any additional questions, please contact the Grand Canyon Education, Inc.’s Procurement Department at

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